1 Day Microblading & Manual Shading Mentoring  $750

  • 9 am- 12 pm Theory & Practice
  • 1 hour lunch
  • 1 pm- 4 pm Model

Deposit: $400.00 to secure your spot

Your deposit is nonrefundable 2 weeks before your Mentoring scheduled date, however, in the event that you cannot make it to your original scheduled date, your deposit can be applied to a later appointment date.

  • Have you taken a Microblading training course and still feel overwhelmed?
  • Not ready to take on clients?
  • Do you have low confidence in your new skill?
  • Feeling lost and don't know where to start?

Then this unique 1 Day Mentoring Course is for you! Take my One-on-One Mentoring Course and gain the confidence you need in your developing skill of Microblading! Your retention, your reputation and your business will sky rocket!

1 Day Mentoring Course Prerequisite:

  1. MUST be 18 years of age. NO exceptions. Photo ID required!
  2. Certificate of Microblading Completion (minimum 2 day course)
  3. Provide your own model.
  4. Proof of Practitioner Registration (This will allow you to Microblade a live model at 7655 Girard Ave. Suite 125 La Jolla California 92037)
  5. Proof of Bloodborne Pathogen’s for body artist Certificate of Completion.

1 Day Mentoring Course Includes:

  1. One 7 hour session with Kelly.
  2. Extended artist support and mentoring for 6 months.
  3. Walk you through ONE Microblading procedures from start to finish with your provided models;
  • Preparation/ Set up/ Sanitization
  • Consent Form and After Care
  • Measuring
  • Brow Mapping
  • Numbing
  • Color Options
  • Microblading
  • After Care Take Home Kit
  • Scheduling Touch Up Appointment
  • Clean-up/ Sanitization
  1. Provide you with FAQ’s, Client Consent Form template, and After Care Form template.
  2. Provide you with all of the supplies you need for your model from start to finish.
  3. Give you guidance and help you build the confidence you need to start your new career in Microblading!