My Story...

With 10 years experience in the beauty industry and thousands of clients under my belt, I have always strived to be the best I can be.

Throughout my years as an Esthetician, I have learned so much! It has not always been easy, but I never gave up on building my business and creating a career in the industry I love, Beauty.

The industry itself is constantly evolving and changing, and I absolutely love that. With the constant change, I have one HUGE tip for you, EMBRACE IT! Take that risk & say YES to that opportunity! I promise you, you will not regret it.

In 2010, I opened my very first salon called 'Our Little Secret'. It was a Boutique Salon in the quite hills of La Jolla. At it's peak, I had 4 stylists, 2 Estheticians, and a receptionist.Β  After a good 5 year run, I decided it was in my best interest to work solely for myself.

I took, what I thought at the time, to be one of the biggest risks of my life, and invested in a course called "Microblading". You see, back then (4 years ago), it was not very popular & and the course nearly cost me $5000! I went for it anyway and I am so glad I did. 'Infinity Brows & Beauty' was born.

The art of enhancing eyebrows made me realize that I was helping men & women find their confidence by looking their absolute best. I quickly took more education courses to learn how to enhance the Eyes and lips through Permanent Make up. My addiction did not stop there. I went on to take a different course called Plasma Skin Tightening (aka Fibroblast Treatment). This breakthrough technique uses an FDA approved device to physically reduce the volume of excess skin around the chosen area of the face and body.

During this time my business grew. I was making more money than I had ever made in my life. It was a very exciting time for me. My risks had panned out. I had generated multiple services that were completely desired in the beauty industry & the price point per service was much higher than my usual waxes and facials.

SOON, however, the competition came. More and more people were learning this skill. The more competition, the more the price per treatment went down. There wereΒ  deals everywhere, which meant fewer clientele for me. What was my next step? What was I going to do? How was I going to get more clients?

Well, I needed to figure out quickly how to get my business in front of hundreds and thousands of people, and fast. The answer? Marketing through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Social Media. I developed this skill over the last three years in the beauty industry. And let me tell you, it worked!

Through my experience, I realized that so many of my peers in the beauty industry were struggling with these same issues. They too needed help getting in front of the right audience, they too needed help gaining more clientele. Does this sound like you? Well, I am so excited to tell you that I will be able to help you out by sharing these trade secrets & skills with you! Coming SOON!

Interested? Send me a message! xoxo!

Lots of love,