3 Day Microblading & Manual Shading 101 Training

Microblading & Manual Shading 101

3 Day Training Course


  • Deposit: $1,000.00 to secure your spot

Your deposit is nonrefundable 2 weeks before the training course, however, in the event that you cannot make it to your original training course date you were accepted in, your deposit can be applied to a future training course of your choice.

Microblading & Manual Shading 101 Includes:

  1. Online preparation module, test & homework before 3 day course. This will get the students prepared, familiar and ready on the subject before class.
  2. Skin anatomy, healing process, numbing creams vs. numbing gel, eyebrow mapping/measuring, color theory, color correction, manual hair strokes, manual shading techniques, and combined method.
  3. Practice eyebrow sets on latex with microblade and shading tool.
  4. Microblading Starter Kit (able to service up to 20 clients. Value: $500) We have teamed up with an amazing company with 30 years experience! Bringing you top of the line pigment, equipment and eduaction.
  5. Marketing
  6. Certificate of completion
  7. Preparation/ set up/ sanitization
  8. FAQ's, Consent form template & after care template
  9. IPCP form in compliance with the California Health Department regulations.
  10. Go over the health department process (San Diego Regulations)
  11. Extended artist support and mentoring for 6 months.

Microblading & Manual Shading 101 Prerequisite:

  • MUST be 18 years of age. NO exceptions. Photo ID required.
  • Beginners welcome!

For "Practice Model #1 Day 3" YOU MUST do the following:

    1. Fill out application for Practitioner Registration PDF (This will allow you to Microblade a live model at 7655 Girard Ave. Suite 125 La Jolla California 92037)
    2. Proof of Bloodborne Pathogen’s for body artist Certificate of Completion.  (Click here for Approve)
    3. Hepatitis B Vaccination Status (one of the following): Hep B Vaccination Record, Declination Form or Antibody Laboratory Results

Practice Model #1 DAY 3 Includes:

  1. 3 Hour One-on-One Session with the instructor
  2. Walk you through your procedure from start to finish;
  • Preparation/ Set up/ Sanitization
  • Consent form & After care
  • Measuring
  • Brow Mapping
  • Tweeze & Trim
  • Numbing
  • Color Options
  • Microblading
  • Scheduling Touch Up Appointment
  • Clean-up/ Sanitization
  1. Extended artist support and mentoring for 6 months & lifetime access to the online course, which includes instructional videos and will assist you after training course.
  2. Provide you with all of the supplies you need for your model from start to finish.
  3. Give you guidance and help you build the confidence you need to start your new career in Microblading!

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